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In Pizza We Trust


In Pizza We Trust a custom HTML5/CSS3 WordPress theme specially designed for pizza shops in the need of a little bit of class! Designed from the ground up to fill this popular food niche, you’ll find everything you need to get up and running quickly on the web, including online ordering utilizing WooCommerce.

In Pizza We Trust is currently on development hiatus. All images featured are preliminary and may differ from the final release!

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    In Pizza We Trust - Home
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    In Pizza We Trust - Menu
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    In Pizza We Trust - Product
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    In Pizza We Trust - Product Detail

The Creative Process

I. Ideas & Research

The idea to develop the In Pizza We Trust WordPress theme began on a relaxing Sunday evening when looking for a —you guessed it— pizza shop to order from after moving to a new area of the city my wife and I live. Going through the many homegrown pizza shops that Columbus has to offer afforded me the opportunity to see just how …unsatisfying… the current state of web design for small pizza shops are and inspired me to create something that would take a shop to the next level. Why settle for a cheap template when you have a specialized theme to fit your needs?

First up is of course research, to focus in on the niche features that are common across most ‘za businesses (and restaurants in general):

With the last point on this list, I noticed that a majority of advertising/promotion was being done via Facebook or Twitter if they attempted an online presence at all, but primarily local coupon mailings first and foremost. While these websites’ certainly exist and provide the bare minimum of information, many seemed to only exist to answer the question “Do you have a website?”, (as every small business should.)

Online ordering is listed here as a big question mark simply because while some certainly offer it as an option, most are done through various third-party systems or delivery services. Given that WooCommerce is now the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress, it was a good choice for integrating the menu/product selection, cart system, and online payment integration by tweaking the base setup to a custom solution for the needs of pizza shops in particular. Things like delivery outside of a local area is unnecessary obviously, and integrating a store finder that connects with WooCommerce is a particular detail to pay attention to.

II. Concept

I decided a fresh set of eyes was necessary for a project of this caliber, and so I started off with a fresh, custom WordPress base theme, utilizing Automattic’s awesome Underscores starter theme. While I used a few visual components from a former design of mine, I wanted to make it a full-width responsive theme for best use of screen real estate, and made it so, as you can see in the provided preliminary designs above.

Unlike many of the “do everything” premium WordPress themes for sale online, I tend to simplify as much as possible. If a plugin does not need to be used, I development without one. However, that does not mean you should develop without any. Here are the ones I will using the theme so far:

Even then, the Redux support is baked directly into the theme, but the geniuses there allow the plugin version to override the theme version if you install it, allowing users to take advantage of the normal WordPress plugin update system, which is obviously a huge benefit.

To be continued as progress is made…