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Battle For A Cure


Vector design for the 2012 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes Bea’s Bumbles team shirts.

JDRF’s theme for the walk was “Battle for a Cure” and was created to give a nod to Kubrick’s classic film, Full Metal Jacket, while maintaining a clean aesthetic and optimistic flair to the everyday battle that is childhood diabetes.

  • Battle for a Cure, Promo
    Battle for a Cure, Promo
  • Battle For A Cure, Full View
    Battle For A Cure, Full View
  • Battle For A Cure, Promo - Alternate
    Battle For A Cure, Promo - Alternate
  • Battle For A Cure, T-Shirt Mockup
    Battle For A Cure, T-Shirt Mockup

The Creative Process

I. Ideas & Research

With the “battle” theme as it was presented, I knew I wanted to integrate some sort of military theme for obvious reasons, but without it being too harsh, as guns and grenades are definitely not appropriate fare for a “For the Cure” awareness walk. While exploring other less provocative military themes, I came across the iconic poster illustration from Stanley Kubrick’s classic film, Full Metal Jacket.

Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket

The helmet theme was very well explored already, but it seemed right. I immediately had ideas of how to use it to effectively portray the everyday life of living with Diabetes as a “battle”, especially given my firsthand experience assisting my sister, Bea, after she was diagnosed with Type I as a preteen.

II. Concept & Creation

Due to subject and nature of the work, I wanted to keep an upbeat and almost playful edge to the illustration; achieved by drawing a bold, rounded outline to the helmet — a style that purposely mimics drawn cartoons and comics.

The “bullets” in my piece are unused test strips for the blood sugar checker which is tucked into the elastic band as well. I kept the peace sign, though I altered the look of it to include the universal diabetes blue circle symbol, a subtle detail that is easily missed if you’re unaware.