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Mac vs PC: How Are Users Different?

Hunch recently posted an info-graphic based on over 700,000 of their user’s responses on the differences between self-prescribed “PC” and “Mac” people. It caused quite a stir around the web, spurring even more debate about which one exactly is the dark side after all.

What Makes Someone a Mac or PC?

Surprise! Turns out that both Macs and PCs can be useful in aiding people to browse Facebook.

Surprise! Turns out that both Macs and PCs can be useful in aiding people to browse Facebook.
Artwork by MrDue

While very interesting to read through all the data that the infographic wizards at Hunch gathered on the different approaches to life in general between Mac and PC users, I am one to say I’m sick of all the Mac vs PC debates that fly around the web.

What makes someone a Mac or PC person isn’t really all that important even when examined from afar. The fact is that people use personal computers for a huge variety of tasks (many of them most likely things you probably don’t even want want to know about…) They are now a household (and handheld) appliance; a companion to everyday life in the 21st century. And that’s pretty awesome.

Some people who use Macs are designers, web developers, or system administrators—and of course there are some who just like the shiny metal things that show up in all the movies and all their friends have. Just as some people who use PCs are hardcore computer gamers and/or IT professionals, and some just know to click the blue, swirly “E” icon to get to the net—”through a series of tubes” of course! I am solidly in the camp of “use what you enjoy and maybe even shut the hell up about it!”

With that out of the way, I will add I have been a very pleased Mac owner for the past six years. But this of course comes from a guy who grew up using both Macs and Windows PCs (hand-me-downs from various extended family; pretty much anything I could browse the internet on.)

Use what you enjoy and maybe even shut the hell up about it!

My main technical skills and web development experience as a teenager grew from a few trusty old Windows XP Pro PCs, but nowadays I find that I am just much more comfortable working with OSX for the tasks I need to achieve—which is primarily just creative work. It’s always served me well and I would say I have a definite preference for it now. But that doesn’t mean I’m about to get snooty. While I still help clean-up, maintain, and (unfortunately) troubleshoot Windows-based computers for family and friends—and rarely booting up a PC at work to do some testing—that has been the extent of my usage for the past few years and I’m okay with that.

Rant Over; Sciency Stuff

Anyhow, the aforementioned very scientific graphic showing the differences in user’s answers can be viewed by clicking the thumbnailed version below, which will take you to Hunch’s blog to read the entire story behind their research findings.

Let the debate rage on, I guess. Maybe we’re all just bad people don’t know any better! This is the internet afterall—if a commentary exists, there exists one directly contrary. And if there’s anything that geeks, nerds, and technophiles do best, it’s debate what is “better”.

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