Mac Vs. PC: How Are Users Different?

Hunch recently posted an infographic based on over 700,000 of their user’s responses on the differences between self-prescribed “PC” and “Mac” people. It caused quite a stir around the web, spurring even more debate about which one exactly is the dark side after all.

The aforementioned graphic showing differences can be viewed by clicking the thumb-nailed version below, which will take you to Hunch’s blog to read the entire story behind their research findings.

While very interesting to read through all the information they gathered on the different approaches to life in general between Mac and PC users, I am one to say I’m sick of all the Mac vs PC debates that fly around the web.

I am solidly in the camp of “use what you enjoy using and perhaps even shut up about it”. With that I will add I have been a very pleased Macbook Pro owner for the past four years, but grew up using both Macs and PCs to some extent. My main technical and web development experience as a teenager grew from Windows XP Pro on a PC but nowadays I am just much more comfortable using OS X for the tasks I need achieved—which is mainly just creative work. It’s always served me well.

Let the debate rage on I guess.